Dabra Koreb We Qeraneyo Medhanealem Monastery [14th-17th centuries]

The literary content covers not only the field it was designed for i.e. religion but also philosophy, history, social law and statecraft, culture, and last but not least, the technical sciences including Mathematics and Astronomy, Astrology, Architecture, Medicine and the Fine Arts and several allied disciplines.

Däbrä Koreb wä Qäraneyo Mädhanealäm Monastery is one of the most ancient monasteries in Gojjam which is set in peculiar land features in the Abay Gorge in the border of Wollo and East Gojjam. Traditional accounts confirm that this monastery was established in the 4th century by Emperors Abraha and Atsbaha next to the Monastery of Märtulämaryam (85 kms from the site) by the famous kings Abraha and Atsbaha. This monastery has significant role in the ecclesiastical history of the country. It once served as the site of the Archbishop of the country so that some Emperors have been officiated in it. The most controversial Emperor Susenyos who embraced Catholicism and declared it to be the country’s official religion was officiated in the center. The aging monastery is well noted for its time-honoured heritages out of which the old and rare manuscripts cover the most significant religious and historic documents.

Some Manuscripts are kept in a good condition but the majority are archived in a hazardous situation. Scribes: Wolde Rufael (15th Century), Mahiteme Kiristos (17th Century). The codices in the collection are randomly coded and placed in different boxes.