Haynes Publishing Company Archive [Mid 19th century-Early 1970s]

Description: The Collection is made up of Nepaco folders and hand-made envelopes that may contain one or more stationary envelopes. Each folder is a compact unit of information containing every—or almost everything—that was printed on the particular subject treated by the folder. The articles or clippings are generally glued on a folio that is part of the many pages that constitute the Nepaco folder. On the other hand, the handmade envelopes include a variety of material such as photographs, photograph negatives, films, original handwritten or typewritten documents, and, as in the case of the folders, newspapers’ and magazines’ articles and clippings. The envelopes and folders mainly involved the Themed Subject Series but not exclusively. The digitised Collection consists of 226 of the Themed Subject Files from the Haynes Publishing Company Archives. This is a very small part of the Themed Subject Files that constitute most of the 26495 envelopes and folders. The original collection also contains other Series. These are the Series that were identified in this project: 1. Themed Subject Series 2. The Company’s Files 3. The Company’s Selections of their Printed Material (or Clippings, selected pages, photos from the Haynes Publishing Company Publications) 4. Newspapers and Various Other Originals (that do not belong to the Haynes Publishing Company) 5. The Company’s Originals (or publications printed by the company) that, as the Themed Subject Files, also contains documents such as newspapers and magazines articles, photographs, drawings, illustrations, administrative records, pamphlets, periodicals and internal documents that belonged or were collected by the company. The only difference is that the purpose differed. For example, the Company’s Files contains documents on the managing of the Haynes Publishing Company and not thematic subjects that were part of the Company’s Archive. In accordance with the EAP curator, due to the abundance and richness of the material, we decided to digitise only the Themed Subject Series that constitutes the majority of the Archive. The subjects in this archive relate to Argentina, Latin American, and the entire world from the mid-nineteenth century to the early 1970s. But only the pre-modern material, this is all the documents prior to 1943, were digitised. In the same way, only the material concerning Argentina was copied—except the files on Peru, Bolivia, and Uruguay. In these cases, we decided to include Latin American documents because the team interpreted them as unique. The publications of the Haynes Company are not easily found. In particular, this is the case of the newspaper El Mundo. Partial collections are available at the following libraries: Biblioteca Nacional and Biblioteca del Congreso in Argentina, and the Benson Latin American Collection and the Library of Congress in the United States. Yet, the archival material and the company's files as well as many other materials of the Collection have never seen the light. Recent news announced that part of the Accounting material of the Haynes Company is at the Archivo General de la Nación.

226 physical Nepaco folders plus hand-made and stationary envelopes.