Tulen Phukan Collection [18th century]

This collection of manuscripts belongs to Tulen Phukan.

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  • 2 Folios [18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/53/1
    The folios are part of a ThamTang manuscript. The text is about the origin of the holy chicken. It has been observed that there is frequent use of the word kai meaning chicken in the folios. ...
  • Lak Ni Rai Ju Dai [18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/53/2
    The content in this manuscript is similar to Sang Han. It is about indications to good and bad happenings. ...
  • Nang Khai [1789-90]

    File Ref: EAP373/53/3
    It contains the story of Kun Deo in which Kun Deo marries the daughter of Lengdon. This is thus similar to the manuscript of Baparam Hatibaruah (EAP373_BaparamHatiBaruah_NangKhai). Lak Ni Kap San year, corresponding to 1789-90, and it is recorded to be a F ...
  • Sang Han [18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/53/4
    This manuscript is about indications to good and bad happenings. ...
  • Tham Tang [18th century]

    File Ref: EAP373/53/5
    This manuscript contains chantings to the ancestors. In image 0002, there is chanting alluding to the holy ones, calling them to come to the platform where they made offerings like flowers to them. ...