Manuranjan Phukan Collection [c 18th - 19th century]

This collection of manuscript belongs to Manuranjan Phukan which was passed on to him by father Late. Hema Phukan.

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  • Assamese Manuscript Folio

    File Ref: EAP373/33/1
    The content of this manuscript is not decipherable. ...
  • Du Kai Seng

    File Ref: EAP373/33/2
    This is a fortune telling manuscript. There are images of pairs of chicken legs with thin bamboo sticks attached to them. And depending on these images, the placement of the bamboo sticks, fortune telling and procastination of any kind of good or bad happe ...
  • Ma Likha Puthi

    File Ref: EAP373/33/3
    This manuscript contains a separation story of prince and a princess who were deeply in love with each other. Their marriage was against the custom due to which Lengdon gave rise to storm and wind to separate them. Here, Lengdon has been adressed Sikiya. ...