Collection of Surau Taram (Tuo Taram) [17-19th century]

The collection comprises texts on Fiqh(texts with comparative analysis of different mazhabs) and Hadits as well as infamous treatise on the history of Islam of 17th century in the genre of Malay Hikayat.

Physical characteristics: European paper. The condition of manuscripts is critical and endangered, texts are washed out, pages are ripped apart and rotten.

  • EAP352/5/1: Asbabun Nuzul [18th century]
  • EAP352/5/2: Hadiits, Fiqh [19th century]
  • EAP352/5/3: Hadits, Fiqh [19th century]
  • EAP352/5/4: Kitab Fadhail al-Qur'an [19th century]
  • EAP352/5/5: Hasyiah on Fiqh [19th century]
  • EAP352/5/6: Hadits [19th century]
  • EAP352/5/7: Hikayat Raja dan Sultan [17th century]

Author: Sheikhs of Surau Taram. Scribe: Sheikhs of Surau Taram.