"Collection of passport photographs of Luang Prabang schoolchildren, Luang Prabang, Laos [2000s]"

A box with 1,776 passport photographs of Luang Prabang schoolchildren was discovered by chance in a building used by the Administration of Luang Prabang public schools at Ban Vat Nong before the building’s restoration in 2007. The photographs date from around 2000, judging from occasional birth dates given on the back of photographs and an estimate of the child’s approximate age when the photographs were taken. Most of the photographs were classified by school, bus some had been handled, whereby their original classification was lost. The schoolchildren are wearing white shirts, and those who are members of the Communist Party youth organization wear a red scarf.

Original material consists of chromogenic prints.

Copyright by the Lao Buddhist Fellowship, Luang Prabang District.