Amirtharaj Thevar's vigilance rights copper plate

This collection contains only one copper plate which is given by the Gandamanur Zamindar to Vellaiathevan (forefather of Amirthalingam Thevar, the current holder). This copper plate confirms the vigilance rights (kaval) over 3 villages for Vellaiathevan and 3 portion of land given as subsidiary for his family livelihood. N.B.: Caution must always be exercised regarding the authenticity of copper plates as fakes have been produced.

1 copper plate.

Gregorian date not determined. Tamil date: year of manmadha /month of avani.

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  • Vigilance Right

    File Ref: EAP314/9/1
    This file has 1 copper plate related to vigilance rights over three village and three measurement of land. ...