Land transactions [1870-1959]

This series contains two files of various land transactions such as land mortgage deeds, sale deeds, leases, etc.

116 handwritten and printed documents. Legal size paper (height 35.56 cm/width 21.59 cm) and other formats.

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  • Land sale deeds [1870-1953]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/3/1
    This file contains documents relating to land management such as sale deeds, leases, agreements of the share of harvest, plot measurements, etc. Several documents concern land belonging to the King of Sivangangai. ...
  • Mortgage deeds [1883-1959]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/3/2
    This file contains mainly mortgage deeds involving dry land, wet land and a few houses. It is noteworthy that many documents contain the caste origin of the lenders and the borrowers. The amounts vary from Rs10 to Rs 6000. ...