Nataraj Servai's collection of conflict and land transaction documents [1862-1959]

This large collection belongs to Nataraj Servai, who belongs to a lineage of headmen of the Servai (Agamudayar) caste in Adalai. The documents were handed down to him by his father who held them from his own father and grandfather father . These documents cover different areas such as that of dispute settlement handled by the family men in their capacity both as traditional village headmen (Ur Nattanmai) and as officially appointed presidents of the Village Panchayat Court (VPC) of Adalai. These documents shed light on the interaction and negotiation between village level judiciary practices and state intervention. A number of documents deal specifically with disputes between local drama companies and the parents of their young recruits. Another set of documents deal with financial and agrarian transactions.

277 handwritten and printed paper documents, 1 notebook.

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  • Land transactions [1870-1959]

    Collection Ref: EAP314/4/3
    This series contains two files of various land transactions such as land mortgage deeds, sale deeds, leases, etc. ...
  • Temple management [1862-1947]

    Collection Ref: EAP314/4/5
    This series contains two files documents regarding temple accounts and management. ...
  • Drama company disputes [1932-1936]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/1
    This file contains 14 documents related to contracts and disputes between individuals and local drama companies (include children's contracts, receipts for advance payment, and complaints made by both sides: the companies and the parents). Parents would se ...
  • Government communication [1874-1948]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/2
    This file contains different handwritten and printed official documents including various types of notifications and communications to and by the British administration to village officials regarding issues on use of government land, election schedule form ...
  • Village panchayat court [1869-1953]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/4
    This file contains documents relating the Village Panchayat Court (VPC) of Adalai as well as other dispute settlement documents. It includes correspondence between the VPC and the District Magistrate, as well as documents produced by the VPC such as orders ...
  • Temple accounts notebook [1916-1935]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/5/1
    This file contains a notebook recording information from four temples located in the village of Adhalai such as lists of the vessels owned by a temple and construction accounts. 61 pages out of 100 pages notebook have been filled in. ...
  • Temple papers [1862-1947]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/5/2
    This file contains loose documents covering various temple management issues. ...
  • Land sale deeds [1870-1953]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/3/1
    This file contains documents relating to land management such as sale deeds, leases, agreements of the share of harvest, plot measurements, etc. Several documents concern land belonging to the King of Sivangangai. ...
  • Mortgage deeds [1883-1959]

    File Ref: EAP314/4/3/2
    This file contains mainly mortgage deeds involving dry land, wet land and a few houses. It is noteworthy that many documents contain the caste origin of the lenders and the borrowers. The amounts vary from Rs10 to Rs 6000. ...