Siruvalai Zamin's Copper plates [1827-1945]

This series contains 3 copperplates which did not originally belong to Sundarapandian's family but were taken from their gurukal (the religious head of their subcaste). The dates of each copperplate are given in the Tamil calendar but their equivalent in the Gregorian calendar have note been identified. N.B.: Caution must always be exercised regarding the authenticity of copper plates as fakes have been produced.

3 copper plates.

Gregorian dates not determined.

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  • Copper plate 1 [1827-1945]

    File Ref: EAP314/3/5/1
    This file contains one copperplate. This copper plate, issued by king Tirumalai Narendiran establishes Immudi Achiram Goundar as the headman (palayakarran) of set of villages and gives him the office of watchman over the Alagar temple. Details of tax colle ...
  • Copper plate 2 [1827-1945]

    File Ref: EAP314/3/5/2
    This file contains two copperplates. These two copperplates mention a variety of topics. They begin by praising lord Krishna. Then goes on to described a certain Veeramallathevan of Pattanaiyur who is praised by the village residents for his bravery in fig ...