Petition Notebooks [1915-1938]

This series consists of hand written petitions send to Ananji Thevar and his son Pinna Thevar respectively grand father and father of the Current Document Holder Thavamani Thevar. These are contained in school notebooks (varying between 40 to 80 pages) from villages under the jurisdiction of the Periya Thevar (headman). The notebooks were then delivered to him. Based on these, the Periya Thevar would travel to the villages and solve the disputes. The notebooks therefore give only the details of the dispute and not the judgment handed down by the Periya Thevar. These Petitions Deals with Application for divorces. Agreement for divorce by the village headman. Notice of the divorces given to the headman of the subcaste. Property disputes. Case of Illegitimate children. Unpaid "Bride Price" Various inter family disputes. Adultery. Marriage between prohibited kin relations. Prohibited intercaste sexual relations.

11 small notebooks handwritten petitions of various page limits, 80, 40, 64 pages.

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  • Petition Notebook 1 [1915-1916]

    File Ref: EAP314/1/2/1
    This notebook contains 11 village names and 20 petitions dealing with conflicts over: the leasing of a house, adultery, elopement, betrothal, cash dealings, summons and judgments. ...