The Manuscript Collection of Phurdrup Gonpa

The collection contains a manuscript copy of the entire bKa' brgyad texts of Nyang ral Nyi ma Ozer, dGongs 'dus texts of Sangs rgyas Gling pa and many other religious and philosophical literatures including a great number of gter ma texts. Most of them are gter ma texts which are said to have been rediscovered after they were hidden in the 8th century by Padmasambhava and his disciples. The books are kept in the chamber of the local deity in a large cupboard. From the physical appearance of the books, they were mostly produced in Bhutan approximately between 1600 and 1900 CE, and in the local area. 59 volumes of manuscripts on paper in loose leaf poti format.

Dates of original material: Approximately 1600-1900 CE.

Script(s) of material: Tibetan dBu can and dBu med 'bru tsha scripts.