The Kanjur Canon

The Kanjur manuscript contains 109 volumes including 20 volumes of rGyud 'bum, 3 volumes of Nyingma rGyud 'bum, 1 volumes of Dus 'khor, 2 volumes of Shri dri med 'od, 32 volumes of mDo sde, 13 volumes of 'Dul ba, 16 volumes of Sher phyin, 6 volumes of dKon brtsegs, 6 volumes of Phal chen, 4 volumes of Myang 'das. The canon includes the earliest sermons of the Buddha, the dialogues between him and his disciples, monastic codes of discipline, the large Mahayana sutras which appeared around the beginning of the first millennium and the tantric literature, which is also attributed to the Buddha but appeared from the middle of the first millennium. The Kanjur canon contains Tibetan translation of these canonical Buddhist scriptures which were produced largely between 8th and 13th century. The texts form the foundation of Tibetan Buddhism. 109 volumes of manuscripts on paper in loose leaf poti format.

Dates of original material: probably 18th century.

Script(s) of material: Tibetan dBu can script.