Tamyong Collection of Lepcha Manuscripts [19th - 20th century]

Digital images of a manuscript owned by bóngthíng Tamyong Lepcha of Luknyi (Linge Payong). This manuscript is a good example of an old Lepcha manuscript that is badly damaged by insect attacks.

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  • Worship of Ekádoshi: ?ekádoshi sá munlóm [19th or 20th century]

    File Ref: EAP281/3/1
    Worship of Ekádoshi: ?ekádoshi sá munlóm. 270×80 mm: 90 pages; ms handmade, concertina-style, folded and stitched; handmade paper; scribe and date unknown; condition very poor, paper damaged and brittle through insect attacks, text difficult to read. ...