Art and Culture [1920s-1950s]

Images related to art and culture, including theatre, the circus, museums, film making, artwork, printed materials, and folk musical instruments. Most of the images were taken in Ulaanbaatar between 1920s-1950s.

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  • Science and Education [1920s-1950s]

    Collection Ref: EAP264/1/10
    Images related to scientific activities, public health, sports, education, animal husbandry and agricultural study. ...
  • Transport [1930s-1950s]

    Collection Ref: EAP264/1/11
    Images of transportation, including traditional animal-drawn carts, auto transport development, railway development, air transport, public transport services and water transport services. ...
  • Images of Ulaanbaatar [1920s-1950s]

    Collection Ref: EAP264/1/12
    Images of Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar: includes images of buildings, lifestyle of people, construction activities, and natural surroundings. ...