Preserving East Timor's endangered archives: stage two

The majority of documents are internally generated material produced by CAVR staff and consultants. Some documents originate from CAVR partner organizations such as ELSAM and Fokupers, as well as the Timorese government and UN agencies. Primary research documents originate from CAVR researchers and consultants, as well as the thousands of people who gave testimonies and interviews to the Commission. Some non-CAVR original documents were acquired from unrecorded sources.Records of the Dili District Court were generated by the court, its prosecutors and defendants.
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  • Funding from CEP [16 Jun 2003]

    Item Ref: EAP250/1/4/2/74
    Description: Memo from CAVR Donor Liaison staff concerning the expenditure program for CEP funding. Physical Characteristics: Printed text, document complete, undamaged. Extent and format of original material: 1 page paper document. Author: CAVR. ...