Materials documenting the establishment of the truth regarding past human rights violations by researching,recording and analyzing testimony. Also includes reporting on the nature of the human rights violations that have occurred and identifying the factors that may have led to such violations.
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  • Meetings, Planning, Reporting

    File Ref: EAP250/1/3/1
    Documents on administrative matters used to plan and report on Truthseeking research including meetings ...
  • Reports

    File Ref: EAP250/1/3/2
    Records of CAVR's Graveyard Survey and Retrospective Mortality Survey ...
  • Research

    File Ref: EAP250/1/3/3
    Research documents including targeted investigations into specific human rights violations by CAVR staff and consultants ...
  • Dili District Court Records [1978-1999]

    File Ref: EAP250/1/3/4
    This collection consists of documents from some 680 court cases undertaken during the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. It includes many cases of alleged subversion and anti government activity, including those that preceded and followed the Santa Cruz ...