Kak Putri Collection of Acehnese Manuscripts [17th-20th century]

This collection consists of digitial images of one manuscript owned by Kak Putri of Lingom, Samahani, Aceh Besar regency, Indonesia. The complete collection covers 51 manuscripts and cover a range of subjects, including Islamic law, Sufism, theology, astrology, history and prophecy. The collection dates approximately from 1600-1900, and was passed down to Kak Putri by her ancestors. Kak Putri keeps the manuscripts in her house as she believes their presence protects the house from earthquakes.

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  • The story of Malem Diwa [c 19th Century]

    File Ref: EAP229/2/1
    Digital images of a manuscript detailing the story of Malem Diwa in verse form. Lacks beginning, not clear if complete at the end. Probably written 19th century, scribe unknown. Written on European paper, and bound with thread. The manuscript measures 24 x ...