Collection of Documents of Rajki Archaeological Expedition [1925-1971]

The collection keeps documents concerning the archaeological research carried out near Rajki village in 1925-1935. This is a pilot project containing only sample images from the collection. The remainder of the collection has not yet been digitised.

In 1925 and further in 1929-1932 the Rajki expedition led by the Berdychiv museum and personally by T.M. Movchanovskiy, carried out archaeological investigations of the Rajki hillfort on a large scale. In 1933 T. Movchanovskiy moved to Kyiv to continue his work. At the same time the function of management of the Rajki expedition was transferred to the Institute of History of Material Culture. The expedition was finalized in 1935, and later - in 1937 - its initiator T. Movchanovskiy was repressed and shot by the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD). After his death all field documentation of the expedition and the artefacts collection were disseminated among various archives and museums of Ukraine and Russia.