Terachiralavaru Hakku Patras

These are Terachiralavaru Hakku Patras, they are a sub-caste / dependant caste of Yadava / Golla (a Shepherd Caste). Terachiralavaru are one of the eight castes depend on the patron caste of yadavas. Terachiralavaru are also called Bikani in the Nalgonda District. The existing family document reveals that they have got performing rights during the festival period at Lingamanthula Jatara. This Jatara is organized every two years at Durasipelli hills at Suryapet, Nalgonda District. Terachiralavaru means a painted cloth scroll which depicts epic of the Gangamma goddess, at the time of God Krishna’s birth and simultaneously the story of great folk hero Katamaraju, which was mentioned by famous Telugu poet Palakuri Somanatha of 12th century AD. People of this community also have the right to erect Gudaru, a giant painted cloth tent. So, they have their share in the collection at Lingamanthula Jatara. What ever may be the monetary value of the share, it is the honor and dignity which they receive during this Jatara which is more important. Terachiralavaru tour the surrounding villages and perform all the rituals and narrate the Sri Krishna’s birth related mythology. During this tours they also recite the ballad of Katamaraju Katha.