Adi Panasalu Hakku Patras

These are Hakku patras from the Adi Panasalu. Adi Panasalu caste originated, when Immadishetti Veera Raghava Shetti of Nagarikallu has misappropriated coins from the Government treasury. Fearing penalty, he sought shelter. Later he paid the twelve thousand seven hundred coins to government taken from panchanam Varu. Then on Veera Raghava Shetti was named as Adipanasa. His duty was to go to Viswa Karma families and perform ritual duties such as narrating caste mythology and performing priestly rituals. For his services he was paid one Mada coin which had the value of one Rupee, every year. For Every marriage and vadugu (initiation ceremony), He was paid one Mada coin and a piece of cloth as honorarium. Nobody should insult him. If anybody insults him Adi Panasa will commit suicide with the panasa knife. Nobody should see his blood. If you see his blood his family will never flourish. Adi Panasa should not take any honorarium from any other caste except Panchanam caste.