Beerannalavaru Hakku Patras

Beerannalavaru Hakku Patras. This art-form is similar to Oggu Kathas but the artists who perform these art forms do not share inter communal relation either in marriage or sharing the dining habits. Hence, they could be differentiated as another community. But the content of ballad is similar. Beerannalavaru is dependent caste to Kuruma Caste. Yadava or Kuruma are two different sects in one community or in one profession. Beerappalu also perform these rituals once in five years. Each copper plate is given to the recipient on the basis of different surname. Every year they begin their tour after Sankranti, which usually falls on 14 or 15th of January. This tour would be continued until Ashadha Akaashi (11th day of 4th month) which usually falls in July – August. These artists also own a “Palaka”, a wooden plank, with typical ‘muggu’ (decoration). This plank accords them their right. It is also observed with in this community that, every cattle owner, has to give one sheep to weavers who weaves sheep wool blankets. Every loom owner has to give one blanket to the holder of this copper plate.