Jeunesse de l'Empire Français"Jeunesse de l'Empire Français (Nov 1944-Jun 1946). Continued as Le Trait d'Union: Organe des Jeunesses de l'Inde Française (Jul 1946-Jul 1954) then as Le Trait d'Union...

This series was the magazine of the Pondicherry branch of the association "Jeunesse de l'Empire Français". It was launched in November 1944 under the title Jeunesse de l’Empire Francais A monthly of about 8 to 12 pages, printed in monochrome on very basic quality paper, it sought to be a "link between the youth of Pondicherry and of French India in a totally friendly and independent framework"; a “young journal full of passionate documentary and amusing articles” ( JEF, Vol. 1, no. 1, p. 1). Under the title of the journal were the words "Monthly Journal. By the young. For the young". It invited articles from its readers and also featured an account of its own activities as well as other cultural activities taking place in Pondicherry. It also contained current news, including visits by Indian or French dignitaries, as well as short stories, poems and advertisements. It started with a print-run of 200 copies and the first issue cost two fanons (the currency used in French India). The name of the journal was changed to Le Trait d'Union: Organe des Jeunesses de l'Inde Française two years later in June 1946, keeping the same editorial line and the same team. The subtitle of the journal changed twice after that. In August 1954 it became Organe culturel et artistiques des Jeunesses de l'Inde Française and then Organe d’amitié culturelle, after the de facto merger of Pondicherry with the Indian Union on 1st November 1954. Finally in January 1956 the subtitle changed to Organe de l'amitié culturelle franco-indienne The journal continues to be published even today, the oldest surviving francophone periodical of India. It prides itself on never having missed an issue since its inception. The articles deal with history, mythology, culture, architecture, current news and cultural events of Pondicherry and cater mainly to the Franco-Pondicherrian community, in France, but also in India and the Reunion. It has a print run of between 1500/2000 copies. The Trait-d'Union is an invaluable source for the history of Pondicherry since 1944. In addition to historical articles on the city and its inhabitants, it has to its credit 64 years of election and Baccalauréat results and current news on Pondicherry. The library of the French Institute of Pondicherry has probably the most complete run of this journal, even though some issues are missing

3 bound volumes containing almost 16 annual volumes, i.e. a total of 153 issues; 28 cm in height.

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