Archival material relating to the 'Young India' gramophone record label - Catalogues and promotional material

The National Gramophone Record Manufacturing Company Ltd. Bombay' operated during 1935-1955 at Wadala in Bombay, India. The company produced hundreds of 78-rpm shellac discs and issued them on ‘Young India’ label records. The company produced over 10,000 titles on 78-rpm, 10 inch diameter shellac discs with two songs per disc. The recordings of film, popular, classical and folk music, as well as educational material were issued mainly from amateur or up-and-coming artists. They feature music from different regions of India, sung in many different languages. The recordings have never been reissued on audio tape or CD.

The Endangered Archives Programme project digitised gramophone records, record catalogues and publicity material. The digitised audio recordings are available to listen to on the BL Sounds platform.