Negatives of Nepalese People and Society [1957–2003]

Madanmani Dixit is acknowledged as the first photojournalist of Nepal. The collection covers the different political events as well as represents different dimensions of Nepalese society and culture in his photographs.

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  • "Convocation, B.P. Koirala and Picnic of Communist Party [1957-1965]"

    File Ref: EAP166/1/1/1
    This album consists of variety of subjects. The first few photographs of this album consists of the convocation of Tribhuvan University, the ceremony was chaired by late King Mahendra. During this ceremony, the graduation was awarded by Queen Ratna. This a ...
  • Negatives of Kalaiya and Singha Darbur [1962]

    File Ref: EAP166/1/1/4
    This album contains Madanmani Dixit’s family and his fathers in law’s house at Kalaiaya, the district headquarter of Bara District. The same album contains some of the pictures of the Madanmani Dixit himself after being released from the jail. Some of the ...
  • Binodmani Dixit Visit to USSR and Puja in Kalaiya [1966]

    File Ref: EAP166/1/1/11
    This album consists of the photographs of Binodmani Dixit during his visit to former Russia. This album also consists of some photographs of Madanmani Dixit and his family in Balaju Park and Puja (Worshiping) in Kalaiya, the town of Madanmani’s father in l ...
  • East-West Highway and Muglin [1993]

    File Ref: EAP166/1/1/61
    The photographs of this album were taken on the way to Kalaiya. Most of the photographs were taken in Muglin and other road side stops along the East-West Highway of Nepal. ...