Caupolican [1839-1932]

It contains the register of the population of this Province that lived in the communities and in the "haciendas" (large private states) and continued paying, as in the Colonial Period, a state tax known as the "indigenal contribution", amounting as much as 40% of the state total income. In this territorial jusrisdiction are the following Cantons: Pelechuco, Mojos, Pata, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Tumuapasa (Tumupasa), Isiamas (Ixiamas), Aten, Apolo, Apolobamba, San Jose de Chupiamas (San Jose de Chupiamonas), Ulla Ulla, Santa Cruz del Valle Ameno, Charazani, Suches and San Buenaventura.

When the Bolivian Republic was created, this region was called Caupolican, and later, Apolobamba. By the Law Nº 354 of November 20 1967, part of the region was called Franz Tamayo Province.