"Digitalisation of Bolivian indigenous communities records on ayllu structure, tax and land tenure"

The documentation of the Prefecture provides economic, political, police, and military data on the whole Department of La Paz. The information on the Department, and especially the Provinces and the Cantons, is fundamental.

The indigenous population that lived in the communities and in the "haciendas" (large private states) continued paying, as in the Colonial Period, a state tax known as the indigenal contribution, amounting to as much as 40% of the state total income. For taxing purposes, the government registered all the indigenous population in the communities and haciendas in documents called Padrones .The documents are testimonies of and old tributary system associated with land tenure. These documents are important legal sources for present day land tenure consolidation. They register all the names that were community and hacienda members as tax contributors.

These documents are a source of information on social and political organizations of that time, revealing segmentary form of the ayllu system. During the XIX century we can see how these entities have been changing and how some of them became Haciendas . It is composd by 441 books from 1828 to 1950.