"Angela Reid Collection (Birth, Baptismal, and Death Registers) [1795-1965]"

The collection comprises ecclesiastical records held by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston, Jamaica since 1795. It contains information on burial, baptismal, confirmation and marriage for the period 1795-1823. The collection also includes baptismal certificates of enslaved, free black and mixed race peoples, including materials before 1823. There were several priests and religious leaders responsible for sacraments before 1823, including Father Anthony Quigly, Father Peter Francis (also known as Joseph) De L’Espinasse, Father William LeCun, Friar Juan Jacinto Rodrigues d’Araujo and Father Benito Fernandez.The records have been organized by the Chief Archivist, Father Gerard McLaughlin, S.J. McLaughlin named the collection of early birth, baptismal and death records after Angela Reid, a former student of the Master of Heritage studies at the University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica). Reid helped him to organize the collection. She also transcribed a significant portion of the early collection, so that documents could be searchable.

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  • Burials [1795-1799]

    File Ref: EAP148/2/1
    Register contains burials, listing name, age, nationality, place of origin and residence and next of ...
  • Baptisms, Marriages, Burials [1798-1804]

    File Ref: EAP148/2/2
    Register gives name of individuals, age, in the case of an enslaved person, it lists the owner's name. Part of the Kingston Funeral Register. ...
  • Baptisms [1800-1814]

    File Ref: EAP148/2/3
    Lists individual's name, next of kin, sponsors, age, nationality and class. ...
  • Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Confirmations [1804-1807]

    File Ref: EAP148/2/4
    This section refers mainly to the St Domingue refugees - name, place of residence and birth, sponsors and kin. This book is a part of a book entitled, "Kingston Funerals, 1795-" ...
  • Baptisms [1832-1836]

    File Ref: EAP148/2/5
    Register lists name, gender, nationality, residence, next of kin and in the case of an enslaved person, it lists the owner's information on the individual being baptised. ...
  • New Orleans Collection [1795-1823]

    File Ref: EAP148/2/6
    The New Orleans Collection comprises a special folio of bound baptism, marriage and funeral records in one mixed volume. The volume organized by archivists in a special interest group of New Orleans. ...