Libro de estadística del movimiento general del Manicomio de Lima-(1888-1899)

Handwritten book that gives an account of the hospital movement of patients during the years 1888 to 1899 in the Lima Insane Asylum. The book registers approximately 1,200 people, detailing the date of admission and re-admission, the institution of reference (Family, Police, Hospitals, Asylums) and personal data such as age, occupation, race, place of birth, marital status and date of death.

Libro manuscrito que da cuenta del movimiento hospitalario de los pacientes durante los años de 1888 a 1899 en el Manicomio de Lima. El libro registra un aproximado de 1,200 personas donde se detalla la fecha de ingreso y de reingresos, la institución de referencia (Familia, Policía, Hospitales, Asilos) y datos personales como edad, oficio, raza, lugar de nacimiento, estado civil y fecha de defunción.

Extent: 1 book.

Size and dimensions of original material: 44.5 x 29cm x 5.5cm.

Condition of original material: The support shows caves caused by insects, tearing of the support with the material, abrasion on the support in the lower right-hand corner, brittle paper due to drying out.

Custodial history: The digital images in this collection were created as part of the EAP1402 "Digitisation of 19th century documents from the Manicomio del Cercado, Lima, Peru". The original material from the now hosted by the Víctor Larco Herrera Hospital’s Museum.

Arrangement: The book are arranged chronologically by the year they were created.

This series contains the following 1 files.

  • EAP1402/1/4/1: Libro de estadística del movimiento general del Manicomio de Lima-(1888-1899).