Akshesvar Mahavihara Collection

This collection is predominantly a Buddhist collection, However, quite a few Mss are Hindu texts. This collection is one of the important Buddhist collection in Nepal. It has both 'Buddha Vachana [Sutra and Tantra]' and 'Shastra' [commentarial] texts. This collection was created after donation of manuscripts was made by two eminent Pandits Shukra Raj Bajracharya and.

Custodial history: Donated by eminent Pandits Vachaspati Bajracharya and Pt Shukra Raj Shastri from Bu Bahal in Patan.The donation was made to thr Buddha Vihara Sangha which shares the office space in the Vihara. The Buddha Vihara Sangha handedover these mauscripts to Aksheswar Mahavihara which are kept in its library.

Arrangement: Arranged according to serial numbers starting with 1 in both the donor's collectbut there are multiplr copies marking same number because Mss donated by two collectors are in this collection.

Author(s)/Creator(s): X.

Scribe(s): X.

Publisher(s): X.

Editor(s): X.

Volume number: X.

Original institution reference: EAP1296_02_AM_Akshesvar Mahavihara ; Accession number given.