Am Tul Collection

This is a five volumes set of a prominent Buddhist text. This t is a Sutra or the discourse of the Buddha dealing with the theory of voidness [Sunyata]. This is the largest text in the group of Prajñāpāramitā Sūtras containing 100,000 verses. Extent: 5 volumes text with 100000 stanzas. Custodial history: Belong to the Mahabouddha Tamrakar community in Kathmandu. This is the property of the community. It is used for community religious purposes. Annual recitation and veneration is ndatory for the tamrakar community. The members of the community hold the manuscript for one year turn and discharge religious duties as precribed by the community. Arrangement: No systematic arrangement but kept Guthi turn holders annually. Alternative calendar and date: 943 Nepal Samvat Publisher(s): X. Editor(s): X. Volume and issue number: X / X. Original institution reference: EAP1296_01_AT_Am Tul. No shelfmark or accession number.