Rudrajit Mookherjee Collection of Cinema and Theatre Booklets [1932-2005]

This fonds consists of 1,433 booklets digitised as part of the EAP127 project. The booklets cover a range of dates from 1932-2005, and represent the films of numerous production houses and studios. A few of the booklets relate to theatre productions. The booklets were regularly produced to promote Bengali and Hindi film releases; however, the practice virtually ceased in the early years of the 21st century. The booklets were intended to promote the films and attract an audience, and usually contain a plot summary, stills of film scenes, information about, and photographs of, the cast, and song lyrics. They also frequently carry advertisements.

The original booklets form part of the collections owned and held by Ruddrajit Mookherjee, who collected the material from cinemas and other outlets.

The majority of the material is written in Bengali, although there are a few English booklets relating to Bengali films, and Hindi booklets promoting films brought out by companies in Bengal or otherwise closely associated with the history of Bengali cinema. Some of the booklets after 1975 are for films produced and/or promoted by the National Film Development Corporation of India, and are written in English, German and French.