Sukumar Sen Collection of Popular Market Bengali Books [1876-1946]

This fonds consists of 12 books digitised as part of the EAP127 project. The books date from 1876-1946 and include: Islamic kissa books; popular literature, including detective novels and horror stories; books of astrological prediction; humour; erotica; and folklore

The following publishers are represented in the collection: Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid; bhikharilal das; karunakanta bhattacharya; khagendranath mukhopadhyay; Mohammed Korban Ali; narendrakumar sil; ramlal sil; rasik lal chandra; satischandra sil; Siddiquia Library; Sil and Brothers; Victoria Pustakalay.

The original materials form a small part of Sukumar Sen's book collection, amassed by Sukumar Sen over his career. It is now held at the Sen family home in Burdwan town.

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  • bisher neśā

    File Ref: EAP127/11/1
    Digital images of bisher neśā, a detective novel. Written by ramānāth dās, published by narendrakumar sil, 1316 [1909]. ...
  • hānābāṛī bā bhūter upadrab

    File Ref: EAP127/11/2
    Digital images of hānābāṛī bā bhūter upadrab, a horror novel. Written by ramānāth dās, published by satischandra sil. Undated. ...
  • phirojā-bibi

    File Ref: EAP127/11/3
    Digital images of phirojā-bibi, a detective novel. Written by kshetramohan ghosh, published by bhikharilal das, 1901. ...
  • dasyu-duhitā

    File Ref: EAP127/11/4
    Digital images of dasyu-duhitā, a detective novel. Written by ksetramohan ghosh, published by Sil and Brothers, 1313 [1906]. ...
  • Volume of detective storiesVolume of detective stories

    File Ref: EAP127/11/5
    Digital images of a bound volume consisting of 3 detective novels: gulbhāhār, published by karunakanta bhattacharya in 1904, author unknown; adbhut hatyākārī, published by ramlal sil in 1906, author unknown; and ke khunī, written by yatīndralāl pāl and pub ...
  • khanār bacan bā jyotish saṃgraha

    File Ref: EAP127/11/6
    Digital images of khanār bacan bā jyotish saṃgraha, a collection of astrological verses and predictions made by the legendary astrologer khana. Written and published by rāmlālśīl, 1332 [1925]. ...
  • Volume of detective storiesVolume of detective stories

    File Ref: EAP127/11/7
    Digital images of a bound volume, consisting of 2 detective novels: haridāsīr guptakathā, written by pañcānan rāẏ caudhurī and published by ramlal sil, 1317 [1910]; and suśīlāsundarī, written by jitendranāth biśvās and published by Victoria Pustakalay, 133 ...
  • chahi iuchaph jelekhā

    File Ref: EAP127/11/8
    Digital images of chahi iuchaph jelekhā, a kissa book narrating the romance of Yusuf and Zuleikha. Written by sāhā garibullā sāheb, published by ramlal sil, 1327 [1920]. ...
  • sacitra lajjatannechā

    File Ref: EAP127/11/9
    Digital images of sacitra lajjatannechā, a treatise on erotics. The author and publisher are unknown, and the book is undated. ...
  • rāmer biẏe (prahasan)

    File Ref: EAP127/11/10
    Digital images of rāmer biẏe (prahasan), a comic drama. Author and publisher unknown. 1283 [1876]. ...
  • Volume of Islamic catechisms and folk tales

    File Ref: EAP127/11/11
    Digital images of a bound volume consisting of five books of Islamic catechisms and folk tales. The volume and books are bound on the right in the Islamic tradition; the sequence of titles follows the sequence of their appearance in the original when opene ...
  • bāgdinīr pālā

    File Ref: EAP127/11/12
    Digital images of bāgdinīr pālā, a book of folk tales. Written and published by rasiklāl candra, 1298 [1891]. ...