العرب al-ʿArab (1933-1934)العرب al-ʿArab (1933-1934)

This series contains digital images of 23 issues of a l-'Arab, a weekly news magazine. The magazine was published between 1932 and 1934. The al-Aqsa Mosque Library holdings start in June 1933, and do not provide total coverage

The publications for 15 July 1933 and 25 November 1933 actually consist of two issues published as one edition; this is why 23 issues have been represented in 21 electronic folders.

The magazine was considered to be a supporter of the Supreme Islamic Council in Palestine, and served as the periodical of the Arab al-Istiqlal ('Independence') party. Its subtitle was "An illustrated weekly investigating the affairs of the Arab and Islamic worlds", reflecting the fact that the magazine had reporters in several major Arab cities, including Cairo, Damascus and Baghdad.

The originals were printed on paper, measuring 30 x 50cm, and 23 x 50 cm.