الحقوق al-Ḥuqūq (1923-1928)الحقوق al-Ḥuqūq (1923-1928)

The series contains 31 issues of the Arabic periodical al-Ḥuqūq ('The Rights') published from 1923 - 1928. The publication focused on literary, legal and scientific issues, reflected in its subtitle 'a judicial, Islamic law, police, scientific and literary magazine'

Occasionally two issues were published together in one physical copy: for this reason, the 31 issues here are represented by 22 electronic folders. The numbering of pages progressed continually throughout each issue, with the sequence ending on the last issue of the year.

al-Huquq was published in Jaffa by Fahmi al-Husseini, and printed by the Asriyah Press. The originals were printed on paper, and measured either 25 x 17 cm or 23 x 16 cm.