فلسطين Filasṭīn (1923-1951)فلسطين Filasṭīn (1923-1951)

The series contains digital images of 1819 issues of the newspaper Filas?in, covering the period March 1923 - November 1951. The series contains publications from 1923-1937, 1947-1948, and for 1951; this reflects the publication dates of Filasṭīn, which was published from 1911-1914, 1921-1948, and 1951-1967. Filasṭīn was established by Isa al-Isa in Jaffa in 1911, and published there until the outbreak of the First World War, when Isa al-Isa was exiled. It resumed publication in 1921 during the British Mandate Period, where it was published two or three times a week. In September 1929 it became a daily, until publication ceased in 1948. Isa al-Isa's son, Raja al-Isa, re-established publication from 1950 to 1967. The original publications were printed on paper, and varied in size: 46 x 30cm; 57 x 37 cm; 64 x 52 cm.