Periodical collection of the al-Aqsa Mosque Library (1874-1955)

This collection comprises digital images of original periodicals held by the al-Aqsa Mosque Library in East Jerusalem. The collection consists of 13 newspapers and 11 magazines published mainly in Palestine, but also in Syria and Turkey, between 1874 and 1955. The publications cover a range of historical and contemporary topics including politics, science, literature, cultural issues, Islam, education and economics.

The periodicals are predominantly written in Arabic although one publication, Tasvir-i efkar, is written in Turkish. French and English do appear occasionally as footnotes, annotations, or part of advertisements

Due to the political and economic environment in which these periodicals were created, publications were often suspended for short and long periods of time, and in many cases the al-Aqsa Mosque Library does not hold every issue of a publication. This means that scope dates do not always give detailed enough information, and so are often elaborated on within the series description.