Song Texts. Srimati Gavari Devi ke geet' - Songs of Shrimati Gavari Devi

The documents within this series contain song texts which are generally elicited from performers. In some cases, the name of the musician who has provided the text is also mentioned. These are on note pads, diaries and separate sheets. Some of these are transcribed by Komal Kothari, or staff members of Rupayan Sansthan who have been identified. There are often handwritten documents in Devanagari attached to typewritten copies which have been treated as a single document. The song texts are of traditional songs of various communities, such as Langas, Manganiars, Dholi, Dhadhi, Bhil, Kalbelia, etc. They are songs which are associated with rituals, predominantly wedding songs, as well as devotional songs. They are for the most part, related to hereditary musician castes of Western Rajasthan. Custodial history: Collection of Komal Kothari, housed at Rupayan Sansthan. Administrative context: As the documents and paper materials were not organised in any fashion when received from Rupayan Sansthan, these series have been created by the type of material based on the content rather than the format of the documents. So this series contains a variety of physical forms of documents. Extent and format of original material: Series level: 57 files.