Wat Sirimongkhon Collection

This is one of six collections of Thai-Mon palm leaf manuscripts digitised by the EAP1123 project team.

The Wat Sirimongkhon collection is large. This was one of the few collections which we able to go through almost completely because a Mon monk who could read Mon helped us do so. Most of the collection is the usual mixture of Mon and Pāḷi-language religious texts, including religious commentary, bilingual Pali-Mon nissaya texts, texts on the vinaya and abidhamma. Most texts were palm-leaf manuscripts and for the most part in fairly good condition. The temple has a sizeable collection of Mon-language palm-leaf manuscripts, which were kept in an image room. Approximately five wooden and glass cases contain the manuscripts, which are hemmed in by altar furniture and images.

Custodial history: Current custodians could provide us with no information on this collection, other than they were part of the religious life of the temple.