Wat Cet Riw Collection

This is one of six collections of Thai-Mon palm leaf manuscripts digitised by the EAP1123 project team.

The Cet Riw collection is small, compromised of all the texts digitised here: three medical texts, which by their nature also include astrology and charts relating astrological configurations, the human body, and illness. Languages are Mon, with Pali, and some Thai, including Thai written in the Khom script. All the books are parabaik/accordian-style paper books. Except for the Thai book, the others appear to have been written in stages, with a variety of hand-writing styles, doodles, and blank pages. A challenge dealing with these texts was that, since they are accordian-style books, they tend to break apart and so it was difficult to be sure that we had the various sections in the correct order.

Custodial history: Current custodians could provide us with no information on this collection, other than they were part of the religious life of the temple. Community members were able to tell us something of their history - how they branched off from nearby Bāng KoɁ, and earlier from a village in Burma, but nothing specifically about the collection. A wooden box holding the manuscripts was dated to 1918 and had a list of donors and texts they had contributed (none of which were extant).