Ali Muhammad Osman Collection

This collection is made up of the personal photographic material of Ali Muhammad Osman from his childhood, his teenage years in which he experimented as a photographer and sought connections with other photographers, and into his early adulthood in which he went to university and studied visual arts, joined the scouts and briefly the military, and travelled across Sudan. Most of the material in question is loose photographs, many taken by Dr. Ali himself or his colleagues and friends; though stored with this material were postcards purchased by Dr. Ali and his friends both within Khartoum and when they travelled. The collection also includes a hand made yearbook made up of photographs pasted to notebook pages with personal messages written in.

Extent: Assortment of 319 photographs, postcards, and some photographs and writing attached to yearbook pages composed in a notebook.

Custodial history: These photographs were the personal photographs of Dr. Ali Muhammad Osman, and they were stored in a box at his family home for some time. When he passed away, the photographs were being stored in the same box in his office at Sudan University of Science and Technology. They are to be returned to his family and in the posession of his wife, Kholood Ahmed Babiker.

Arrangement: These photographs were stored by Dr. Ali Muhammad Osman in a box at his family home. They were not arranged within the box, and the current order is based on the order in which they were taken from the box and scanned.

Author(s)/Creator(s): Most of the photographs in question were taken by Dr. Ali Muhammad Osman or one of his friends or colleagues. The postcards in the collection and photographs taken at studios often had unknown photographers and are noted as such below.