Институт языка и литературы, отдел фольклора, Молдавский фольклор, собиратель Сербина Мария 1946

Stories, tales, lyric songs, New Year wishes, riddles, carols, nuptial orations, political songs, soldiers' songs, disenchantments, lyric letters, rhythmic shouts. Gathered in Țâbulevca, Molovata, Mogala, Cocieri villages, Dubăsari district, Ulovreni village, Susleni district. Part are recorded from informants in the original context of performance, part are recorded from informants not in the original context of performance.The context of performance and the additional instruments are stated by the informants for some of the folkloric creations. Custodial history: The archival material was gathered in the summer of 1946 by Serbina Maria. It was taken into custody by the Institute of Language and Literature of the Moldovan Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences / MSSR Academy of Sciences and had the same custodial history as the entire collection. Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 3 notebooks. Owner(s) of original material: Institute of Language and Literature, nowadays Institute of Romanian Philology "Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu". Author(s) of original material: Smorvin Palagheia, Grancovscaia Rozalia, Borș Anton, Alexeev Pintilei, Gazea Pavel, Guzun Petru, Alexeev Pitilei, Nechivarov Alexei, Celonenco Irina, Gazea Pavel, Reul Alexandr, Chicoi Natalia, Chiperi Vasiluța, Boris Anton, Damascaia Ana, Chicoi Ana, Murin Grigorii, Cucierenco Grigorii, Granovscaia Rozalia, Granovschi Ivan, Serbina Evdochia. Scribe of original material: Serbina Maria. Additional language information: Romanian, Russian (title only).