Institute of Buddhist, Mongolian and Tibetan Studies Manuscript Collection

The Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the RAS was founded on July 1, 1922, when the first research institution - the Buryat Scientific Committee (Buruchkom), was established in the history of the Buryat. The Buruchkom was reorganized into the Buryat-Mongolian State Institute of Culture (1929). The Institute had various names: the State Institute of Language, Literature and History (1936), the Buryat-Mongolian Research Institute of Culture and Economics (1944), Buryat-Mongolian Scientific Research Institute of Culture (1949), Buryat Institute of Social Sciences (Academy of Sciences,1966), Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences, 1997).

This collection contains the following 2 series.

  • EAP1034/2/1: Aginsky Publications [19th century-20th century]
  • EAP1034/2/2: Chone Canon [1721-1731].