National Heritage Building Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal

The manuscripts of Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal Collection contains historical records of Prince Madrais Sadewa Alibasa Wijaya Ningrat, his teachings, condition of people in Dutch colonisation era, rules of marriage in Sundanese custom, agriculture system, nature phenomenon, traditional medication and a number of prophecies. The manuscripts are written in European paper. The condition is getting endangered. Some are seriously broken down. Most of writings are washed out and pages are ripped in some parts. In the era of Japan colonisation and the beginning of Indonesian independence, the manuscripts are relocated to some places to be saved and now they are stored in National Cultural Heritage Building Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal, Cigugur-Kuningan, West Java Indonesia. The manuscript collection has important value especially for AKUR Sunda community as their historical records and guides for their practical life.

Custodial history: The manuscripts of Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal were written by Prince Madrais Sadewa Alibassa Kusuma Wijaya Ningrat since the late of 1800s until his death on 1939. He is a spiritual leader for a Sundanese traditional community in the east part of West Java. After he passed away, the manuscripts were inherited to his descendant and his followers. Until now, the manuscipts has important role as the source of their spiritual teaching and become the guidance of their life.

Extent and format of original material: Collection Level: 287 files.

Owner(s) of original material: Prince Djatikusumah, Ratna Gumilang Damiasih.

Author/Scribe: Prince Madrais Sadewa Alibassa Kusuma Wijayaningrat.

The material is written in Cacarakan (Sundanese-Javanese) script.

Arrangement: The manuscripts of Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal have not been arranged well. Due to the fact that the manuscripts relocated for some times from one to other places for the reasons of safety. It was just store in many boxes. Now the manuscripts are divided into envelopes and coded by number.