Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne Collection

The collection compromises of nineteenth-century newspapers from Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, and region cities such as Gonaïves, Cap-Haïtien, and Les Cayes. The papers were published from the 1840s to 1890s. They cover political, economic, and diplomatic news and debates. They also include literary publications, like short stories and poems. The papers are all in French with occasional words in Haitian Creole.

Custodial history: Library was founded in 1912 and materials collected by Ernest Dion. Nineteenth-century newspaper may have been part of this original collection. No information provided on history of ownership or how materials acquired by library.

Arrangement: Newspapers arranged chronologically and then alphabetically be title; system created by previous archivists at BHFIC. Each title represents a new collection. Within each collection are series for each year and a file for each issue with corresponding items for the individual pages of each issue.

This collection contains the following 26 newspaper titles.

  • EAP1024/1/1: Feuille du Commerce
  • EAP1024/1/2: Haïti illustrée
  • EAP1024/1/3: L'ABC
  • EAP1024/1/4: L'Avenir
  • EAP1024/1/5: L'Echo d'Haïti
  • EAP1024/1/6: L'Indépendant
  • EAP1024/1/7: L'Intérêt Général
  • EAP1024/1/8: L'Observateur
  • EAP1024/1/9: L'Ordre
  • EAP1024/1/10: L'Union
  • EAP1024/1/11: L'Œil
  • EAP1024/1/12: La Conscience Nationale
  • EAP1024/1/13: La Raison
  • EAP1024/1/14: La Revue-Express
  • EAP1024/1/15: La République
  • EAP1024/1/16: La Voie
  • EAP1024/1/17: Le Civilisateur
  • EAP1024/1/18: Le Courrier d'Haïti
  • EAP1024/1/19: Le Globe
  • EAP1024/1/20: Le Patriote
  • EAP1024/1/21: Le Plaidoyer National
  • EAP1024/1/22: Le Quotidien
  • EAP1024/1/23: Le Réveil
  • EAP1024/1/24: Le Transmissionniste
  • EAP1024/1/25: Le Vœu Populaire
  • EAP1024/1/26: Revue des Tribunaux.