Objects [Early 18th century]

Extent and format of original material: Thirteen Objects.

This Series contains the following 13 Files.

  • EAP1016/1/1/1: A conch [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/2: A dagger [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/3: A bronze mirror [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/4: A copper box [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/5: A silver fronted copper box [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/6: Bell and Dorje. Nine pronged Dorje [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/7: A copper and brass Prayer wheel with long wooden handle [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/8: A statue of the future Buddha (Maitreya) [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/9: A wooden drinking cup [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/10: Red woollen hat [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/11: A three legged folding iron support, two brass bowls, three beaded circular ring supports and a wooden ornament [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/12: An iron pointer [Early 18th century]
  • EAP1016/1/1/13: One brass spoon and one copper spoon and copper bowls [Early 18th century].