Wills 1800-1835

These volumes contain the last wills and testaments of inhabitants of St Vincent during the early 19th century. In keeping with the Deed Books and Power of Attorney, therefore, they provide a detailed audit of possessions under transfer, including money, physical property and the enslaved. The sequence as photographed for the EAP project is incomplete: the volume for 1811-1815 was so fragile as to be un-photographable. The volume for 1845-57 was identified in the original audit of the Court vault, but was not relocated by the photographer during the photography process.

Extent: 3 bound volumes; 1 additional volume ("Wills 1811-1815") too fragile to photograph.

Condition of original material: Variable - see detail at file level.

This series contains the following three volumes.

  • EAP1013/1/5/1: Wills 1800
  • EAP1013/1/5/2: Wills 1806-1811
  • EAP1013/1/5/3: Wills 1830-1835.