Āśique Uddin Majumdār Collection of Texts in Sylhét Nāgri Script

This Collection comprises digital copies of two texts, copied as part of the EAP071 Archiving Texts in Sylhét Nāgri Script project. The texts have been copied from printed and hand written originals. Both are undated and written in Bengali, in the Sylhét Nāgri script. The texts deal with religious Islamic themes, describing the life of the Prophet and containing spiritual songs regarding the love of Allah.

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  • Hālatunnabi

    File Ref: EAP071/6/1
    The Hālatunnabi is a very popular text in the Muslim community of Hāilākāndi in Āssām. According to the poet, the text in manuscript form was completed in 1262 Bengali Era (1853 Common Era)). It narrates, in 'Payār' and 'Tripodi' verse, the story of Creati ...
  • Spiritual Songs on Love and SeparationSpiritual Songs on Love and Separation

    File Ref: EAP071/6/2
    The text in this volume has no title and has been hand-copied. The initial lines are illegible. It is a compilation of spiritual songs on love and separation (from Allah). It depicts the devotion towards God using the metaphor of love. ...