Āmirul Islām Laskar Collection of Texts in Sylhét Nāgri Script

This Collection comprises digital copies of three texts, copied as part of the EAP071 Archiving Texts in Sylhét Nāgri Script project. The texts have been copied from printed and hand written volumes. All three volumes are undated and written in Bengali, in the Sylhét Nāgri script. The texts are concerned with Islamic religious themes. They contain expositions of profound Sufi principles in song, the life of the Prophet and an historical account of the battle fought in Kārbālā.

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  • Jamnāmā

    File Ref: EAP071/4/1
    "Jam" is a Persian word meaning "battle" or "war" and the Jamnāmā is a story of wars and battles. The volume contains a narrative poem and Jāri songs. The poem recounts the battle of Kārbālā which took place in Muharram 10, in the year 61 of the Islamic ca ...
  • Hālatunnabi

    File Ref: EAP071/4/2
    Hālatunnabi is a popular text in the Muslim community. According to the author (who is unknown because the title page is missing), the story was completed in 1262 Bengali Era (1853 CE). It is narrated in 'payār' and 'tripoli' verses and explains the story ...
  • Surmān Āli Khaliphār Gān

    File Ref: EAP071/4/3
    Surmān Āli Khaliphā wrote down and copied a number of songs into this volume. It was given to Āmirul Islām Laskar who considered Surmān Āli to be his 'dharmaguru', or spiritual guide. ...