Khauniś Cakrabartī Collection of Texts in Sylhét Nāgri Script

This Collection comprises digital copies of one text, copied as part of the EAP071 Archiving texts in Sylhét Nāgri script project. The text has been copied from an original printed volume. The volume is undated and written in Bengali, in the Sylhét Nāgri script. The title of the text is Haribamsa. It narrates the love story of Krisna and Rādhā, Hindu divinities.

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  • Haribamsa

    File Ref: EAP071/15/1
    The text here is an adaptation in Sylhét Nāgri script from the original Haribasmsa which, according to scholars, was written by Bhabānanda in the 17th century. It is a love story of Krisna and Rādhā, the Hindu god and goddess. It was very popular among the ...